A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Moon Patrol remix based on the artworks of Miriam Shapiro

Based on the classic Atari 2600 version of Moon Patrol.

Femmage Fighter is a twist on the Atari classic Moon Patrol. The visual theme is based on the artworks of Miriam Schapiro, a female artist known for being an activist for equal recognition for woman in art. She influenced other female artists to include elements of craft into their works, such as sewing and scrapping, which was not seen in fine art of the time.

As she is known for her feminist imagery and ideals the game’s goal is to defend Femagia from the masculine invaders by defeating their macho vehicles.

*First Release

Install instructions

Extract all files from the zip and run femmagefighter.exe


femmagefighter.zip 34 MB
femmagefightermac.zip 26 MB

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